Certified DOT On-site Drug Test Collector • Certified DOT/non-Dot On-site Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)

Who You Trust Is Important

Your first line of defense is a comprehensive, professionally designed background check that is customized to fit your organization's needs, backed by a compliance department that is FCRA certified. Bottom Line Screening offers companies added value through lower employee turnover and dedicated one-on-one customer service. We offer direct dialing so that clients will always be able to speak with the same person who knows their own unique needs. Clients can have their needs met without having to sign long-term contracts, set up fees or monthly fees. Our online ordering system is secure and available 24/7 with adverse reports reviewed by a licensed private investigator. Our fast turnaround times, paperless system and the ability to integrate with a variety of software programs help us focus on serving our clients and meeting their individual needs.

We Protect Your Business

Contact us today to learn how Bottom Line Screening can help your company, whether it's reviewing your current screening process, showing you a demo of our ordering platform or a quote request. We will promptly get back to you to schedule a call or video meeting.

Video Testimonials


“Why we chose you was, you were local, very personable, very reputable and I learned while meeting with you that you were always very prompt. Also, you came to our meetings prepared. It was easy to see that you were knowledgeable in your field. And you always did what you said you were going to […]

Dwight C.

“As far as your customer service, you are miles above other vendors that I work with daily. You explained everything, you did exactly what you said you would do, you followed up…..from my perspective, any purchase I make for the business, a portion of what I pay is for customer service. You are an absolute […]

Laurie B.

“Because of our conversation and hearing about our common background (Haworth) and mutual acquaintances I wanted to try and find a way for us to develop a business relationship. I prefer to do business with someone I know and trust. You have been great to work with and have done an awesome job for me!”

Vic L.

“When I was looking for a vendor I found you online; you were quick to respond, answered my questions and had the best price out there for what I needed. You have made it very easy to get what I need. The big corporate places did not seem interested in talking to me about my […]